Gert Voorjans is a belgium interior architect and designer, among many other things, the creative force behind the elegant and eclectic retail spaces of Dries van Noten. We absolutely adore him! Here sitting in a collection of Uzbekistan and Turkish ikat and silk which we sell in our Madrid store De Gruyter. Gert  published a jewel of a book called Interior Life



‘I like strange objects, excessive proportions, monstrosities too. You shouldn’t take interior design too seriously’, says Gert. Gert Voorjans Interior Life shows the sources of inspiration of eclectic star designer Gert Voorjans, and contains numerous clippings and mood boards. Fabrics in petit point or toile de Jouy, Neo Gothic constructions, blue elephants, baroque pillars, Japanese images of the floating world and Chinese Furniture all play a part in Voorjans’ style, resulting in interiors full of surprises that always reflect Gert Voorjans stubbornly independent style. Voorjans continually strives for a combination of antique interiors with unexpected modern elements.

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