Today spring turns into summer and there is no greater pleasure then eating outside, in nature with your fingers, barefooted, your butt in the grass or sand, long and lazy afternoons that turn into nights… Any basket will do, flip in all your yummy goodies, some nice bowls, a lovely blanket and set!


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The Tropics Love we the warmth and light of tropic lands,   The strange bright fruit, the feathery fanspread leaves,   The glowing mornings and the mellow eves,   The strange shells scattered on the golden sands,   The curious handiwork of Eastern hands, The little carts ambled by humpbacked beeves,   The narrow outrigged native boat which cleaves,   Unscathed, […]



My love for India started 25 years ago. Backpacking for almost a year through its villages, cities, beaches and mountains, young and curious, fearless and without a schedule…sensation of ultimate freedom, it made a huge impact on me. India and its people, customs, religion, celebrations, food, colors and smells is undoubtedly one of the most […]

Where worlds come together…


At our store eclectic, handmade and unique pieces, from all over the world, come together to create a sense of traveling to warm, exotic and beautiful places where we all dream of. Just take a little trip down to Blanca de Navarra and have a taste of a dream.



Indigo, my favorite color, one of the seven colors of the rainbow. The color was named after the indigo dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria. India is believed to be the oldest center of indigo dyeing. For centuries it was the only blue textile dye. When trade routes opened in the 1500s, Europeans discovered […]



Create your own Cabinet of Wonder. Feathers, shells, rocks, bones, pebbles, brenches, stones, driftwood…there are so many wonders that you can find along your walks in nature. Bring them home and display your finds, on a shelf in your bookcase or put them in a glass box, it is not only beautiful to look at […]



It´s autumn, my favorite season, I was born on its first day, perhaps that’s why, love at first sight…? It’s time for pumpkins, chestnuts, soups and hot chocolate, cinnamon, oranges and cloves, crispy leaves, wooly socks, the glow of lamps through rain dropped windows…. And then the weekends, there is nothing more romantic than spending […]



It’s september and we slowly drift down the rivers of the Dordogne, The scenery is incredible with castles and idyllic villages in the green hillsides and cliffs dropping in this beautiful river. We watch dragonflies and kingfishers and are lovingly lazy, enjoying the essence of life. Life here is calm and peaceful.



Oh how much do we love the beach, the sea, the waves, the shells, the dunes and all those warm and lovely days we spend with our families and friends on picnics, long lunches and lazy afternoons in hammocks and shades of trees…We love surf and fresh icelollipops, we catch crabs and collect driftwood,we love bonfires, barbecues […]



For all us city slickers bringing some green into our lives is essential. That a walk in the woods relaxes, reduces stress, gives oxygen, boosts our mood is not only common sense but clinical evidence shows that our relationship with nature is a vital component of our wellbeing. So bring them in those plants, herbs, […]



nomade [French nomade, from Latin nomas,wandering in search of pasture]   This is exactly what we will do this summer, wandering through Spain and Marroco, in search of papaver fields,lush rivers, cliffs and wild beaches, orange groves and Saharan sands,to set up camp with all the things we love and create our ultimate relaxed gipsy summer!.  



Miercoles 14 de mayo a las 20:00 tenemos una expo muy especial en la tienda con : Toño Kamuñas , Ignacio Mástil y Curro Gómez Luna llena y sus trabajos .

Architectural Digest


One of Spain´s best stylist Amaya de Toledo uses de Gruyter objects for her amazing bodegones in january´s AD. And see more in ‘press’ of one of my other favourite stylists Nuria de Menoyo.

Breakfast at Marché aux Puces

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Sunday 9 am, we walk down the empty streets of Paris direction Marché aux Puces, one of the the biggest antique and flea markets in the world. When we get there we realize we are early, shops are slowly opening their shutters and carrying their merchandise outside, we decide to have a hot chocolate, fresh […]

Gert Voorjans in Turkish Silk and Uzbekistan Ikat


Gert Voorjans is a belgium interior architect and designer, among many other things, the creative force behind the elegant and eclectic retail spaces of Dries van Noten. We absolutely adore him! Here sitting in a collection of Uzbekistan and Turkish ikat and silk which we sell in our Madrid store De Gruyter. Gert  published a jewel […]

In Love With Instanbul

How come I had never been here before is what I thought the moment I arrived in Istanbul while smelling the magic of this historical gem built on 7 hills that once ruled the world? And how could it be that I only came here for 2 days..? Immediately I decided that my next trip would […]

Bali, the island of gods and demons


I spent almost 2 years on this lovely island where I fell deeply in love with its people, their culture. the nature, the energy and the endless and amazing work of craftmen. So don`t be surprised if I will be posting on Bali now and then where I have found many of the lovely objects […]

Funky Cufflinks


My longtime swiss friend and London-based artist Letizia Reuss is one my favourite jewellery designers She has the amazing talent of using a tun load of humour in her work resulting in absolute must-haves!