In Love With Instanbul

How come I had never been here before is what I thought the moment I arrived in Istanbul while smelling the magic of this historical gem built on 7 hills that once ruled the world? And how could it be that I only came here for 2 days..? Immediately I decided that my next trip would […]

Bali, the island of gods and demons


I spent almost 2 years on this lovely island where I fell deeply in love with its people, their culture. the nature, the energy and the endless and amazing work of craftmen. So don`t be surprised if I will be posting on Bali now and then where I have found many of the lovely objects […]

Funky Cufflinks


My longtime swiss friend and London-based artist Letizia Reuss is one my favourite jewellery designers She has the amazing talent of using a tun load of humour in her work resulting in absolute must-haves!