Create your own Cabinet of Wonder.

Feathers, shells, rocks, bones, pebbles, brenches, stones, driftwood…there are so many wonders that you can find along your walks in nature.
Bring them home and display your finds, on a shelf in your bookcase or put them in a glass box,
it is not only beautiful to look at but it brings you back tuns of lovely memories.
⟨Cabinets of Curiosity were also known as Wunderkammer, Cabinets of Wonder, or Wonder-Rooms.
They first became popular during the Northern Renaissance, where amateur and professional scientists once kept their most prized specimens hidden away,
society-folk now possessed the flashiest and rarest finds, and proudly displayed them for all to see.
Though the traditional Wonder-Rooms still existed in Victorian times,
they were mostly the realm of royalty and academic institutions.
The tradition of a personal collection to show off reached the newly burgeoning middle class,
and the singular glass “curio cabinet” with one’s most prized collection items skyrocketed in popularity.⟩13 1 2 3 copy 4 5 7 copy 8 copy 9 copy 10 12

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